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Carol Louie

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I am an avid traveller. I love the challenges of learning; embracing a new culture, language or skill. Over the last year, I have been learning how to code in an immersion program UIT, where I acquired and developed the work habits and skills to develop a product from ideation and client discovery, to execution, testing and release.

When I arrived in September 2014, Cape Breton was a new place, with lots of new people. I felt that and coding was overwhelming. My first day I asked UIT Founder, Gavin Uhma, where and what terminal was in my MacBook Air; a novice question that helps put my progress into perspective. The hours upon hours spent on video tutorials, articles, hackathons, group discussions, google hangouts, mentorship lectures, reading/writing code and more have made me gain confidence in my ability to prioritize, self-direct, problem solve, and work with a team. I realized not only the power of writing code but also my passion for it.

Through persistence, time (lots of time) and mentorship, I have uncovered a passion for coding. This new found love has inspired me to strive and learn as much about different aspects of programming as possible. While challenging, these intense 14 hour days allowed me to determine that I am most interested in front-end development. I love working with Angular.js and Ionic to create functional, cool apps quickly and being able to iterate on them frequently and easily, as well as working with RESTful API’s and thinking about how data can interact with a completely separate system.

Favourite Tutorials

There were a number of tutorials that helped me get a better grasp on code over the last year. Here is a few of my favourites:

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