Adventure Chat

This was our first project at UIT and by far the most difficult. Without any prior knowledge to code, I fell on my face, multiple times while trying to get my bearings straight. But after much time, persistence and significant assistance, I managed to code a simple chat application. I think this is the project I am most proud of.
Originally, I had named it AdventureChat and it was meant to be a chatroom for rock climbers to be able to access all they would need to and just be able to climb!! This included rides, equipment, routes, partners and then just fun. My most prized feature of this app was that users could create their own chat rooms if they wanted to. A blatant flaw in the different rooms was that if they created a new room and entered it, it was not easy to get back out.
In this project I used the server frameworks: Node.js,, and Express with Redis as my database. With these frameworks I gained a better understanding of async callbacks and how to handle data that is being used and created by the user.  
Since then I have cleaned it up a bit, and renamed it Revelstoke, one of my favourite mountains. But you can check out both in the videos.