Faye 1


Ionic is an open source HTML5 mobile framework for building cross platform hybrid native apps. This means that it is mobile-optimized to make it easy and fast to build highly interactive apps for both Android and iOS, while using web-based technology (ie. HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
Setting up Ionic was easy and fun. I used a great tutorial, Ionic Crash Course which went through the process of how to get started with an Ionic app. The document structure was difficult for me to understand at first. But the Ionic Documentation was really easy to follow and you could instantly create different elements with pre-made code. My first project with Ionic was ePic.
ePic was an app I wanted to create which would allow people to create collages from their phone pictures easily and fun. I wanted to make it so users could create their own borders, number of photos and add stickers if they wanted to and then make its simple to share to social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Pretty early on in this project I discovered an app called InstaCollage which did what I am describing but better and with many more features than I ever thought of. So I took this time to focus more one how RESTful API's work and how to authenticate users with multiple social accounts by using Passport.