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There have been a number of events in Sydney that have promoted learning code and more about technology in general. I have tried to be a part of these events as much as possible as I believe that (figure out this soon)

  1. Girls Learning Code:
    This Girls Learning Code workshop focused on introducing HTML & CSS. The girls created very cool websites based on what they were passionate about, from a variety of different interests including: dragons, Greek Mythology, Extreme Sports, and penguins!

  2. Hour of Code:
    The Hour of Code is a five day global movement that encourages kids, students, adults, and really everyone to try out and practice code. It breaks down the barrier of time and fear allowing anyone regardless of age, race or gender, to have a chance to try out a small project and get instant results. With Kim Desveaux, the founder of Atekelab, we went to 4 classrooms this week and guided more than 140 students through their first Hour of Code!

  3. Techspoloration:
    Techsploration is a program that encourages young women in high school to explore the sciences, trades and technology. One of the programs they provide is to link 6 young women in grade 9 and a teacher with a female role model.