Languages: Javascript, jQuery, Phaser

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Marcato Hackathon
Mustle - Marcato
Halloween Hackathon
Pit of Despair
Volta Hackathon
SurfsUp App
Highschool Hackathon
McSmells Demo
OneNS Hackathon
AbraKaZoo Demo


As I am new to code, I tried to take advantage of every hackathon available to me in the region over the last year. This gave me the opportunity to work with new people, learn from much more experienced coders and gain insight in different languages, skill and interests. Of the hackathons that I have participated in, I think either the Highschool or the Volta Hackathon were my favourite.The Volta one because for the first time I thought about how I could use code to solve a problem that I was experiencing, and the highschool one, partly because the kids were really fun but also because I was so scared that I would let them down that I learned the most from it during my preparations. It was also a fun side project to work with Phaser and game physics.
Since September I have participated in 5 Hackathons:

1. Marcato Hackathon - I worked with two classmates to build an educational app to help .

2. Halloween Hackathon - a fun 1/2 a day event where we built a virtual haunted house game.

3. Volta Megathon - gave me the opportunity to work with a developer to learn more about API's and Cordova.

4. Highschool Hackathon - a super fun and intense day where worked with 4 students to build a Phaser game

5. Open Data Hackathon - a 24 hour event where we had to develop a distance learning solution for k-12.