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The goal of the Hackathon was to create a service for educators to develop content that meets the learning needs of their students. Using the old adage of "read it, write it, and say it", Mustle takes into account students natural affinity for answering questions in a visual, kinetic, or auditory format. We learn from students to create a individualized learning paths and can provide analytics to improve the learning experience. Educators of all disciplines can easily create content for students that will automatically be tailored to their natural learning styles.

I was lucky enough to work with Brian Best and Jake Florian. We are all students at UIT, and both Jake and Brian are significantly more knowledgable about computers and coding than I am, so my main goal was to learn by being in their aura. This turned out to be a surprisingly successful strategy. Jake is an incredibly visual learner, through writing his brain on the white boards, I was able to click into his thought process (at times) and believe I have a better understanding of arrays, objects and more complex functions. Brian, became my private tutor for the 48 hours. He helped me become more familiar with JavaScript, jQuery and introduced me to the Foundation framework.

While we didn't win, I gained a lot during this hackathon, both in getting to know my classmates better as well as practically using javascript and jquery.