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Play the live game:

This was definitely one of my favourite projects. The students that I worked with were rambunctious, energetic and hilarious. I'm not saying it wasn't trying working with four 17 year old boys for the afternoon but it was also a lo of fun. Out of fear that they would be bored, I spent a week before the hackathon learning how to recreate flappy bird from Codevinsky Tutorials. They took the idea and flew with it, before you watch the demo above, you must learn about the backstory of Pete McSmells:

Ever since Pete McSmells was just a shnoz mounted on the face of a human being he has wanted to travel to France. Eventually one day he finally gathered the courage to break free from that mans hideous odor and has been saving up for a trip to France for as long as he can remember. He eventually gained the necessary funds to travel to France and rushed to the airport, but when he arrived in France there was trouble in paradise. France was filled with stinky cheese that causes a very unpleasant odor. Now he must travel through France avoiding the cheese or his journey will be over.