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On November 14th, Volta hosted a Megathon, an Open Hackathon where Developers, Designers and Business people could pitch their ideas, form a team and build a prototype in 48 hours.

I was lucky enough to get to work with a seasoned developer and good friend, Tomek Niewiarowski, the CTO of Dash Hudson a startup that is making Instagram shoppable. Together with Moses Richealeau, we worked on creating SurfsUp. This app was meant to be an alarm that would wake you up if the surf conditions were good or disable itself and let you sleep if the conditions were bad. I still really like this idea and will probably continue to work on it as a side project in the future. I would also like to

During this hackathon I was first introduced to Cordova, which I would use later on when learning Ionic. I also learned alot about API's and how to access data on MagicSeaweed the go to surfers website to get your weather forecasts).