Photo ScavengerHunt

Ionic is an open source HTML5 mobile framework for building cross platform hybrid native apps. This means that it is mobile-optimized to make it easy and fast to build highly interactive apps for both Android and iOS, while using web-based technology (ie. HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
After creating ePic, I was getting more comfortable with Ionic, and began to delve further into how Angular was working. It took me awhile to get my bearings straight with how controllers worked with services. Luckily we had two Angular.js gurus Joe Pettersson (Startups & Engineering) and Matt Creager (Angular & Beyond), do presentations and live coding with us. This coupled with a very in-depth tutorial by Leo Treiu, which introduced Angular.js with Firebase. Firebase is a service that deals with the backend database of a web or mobile app in real-time. In this tutorial Leo taught me how to build TaskRabbit, an online/mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighbourhood.
With this tutorial I became much more comfortable with Angular and fell in love with Firebase. Since Firebase dealt with all my backend, I was able to focus more on the front-end of my app. So I hooked my Photo ScavangerHunt app to Firebase, renamed it Capture, and improved the front-end look and feel of it.